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Barrister Global Services - Hub of Certifies Printer & PC Technicians
Barrister Global Services Network is also offering printer and desktop repair services on contact basis. For your computer to work perfectly through out it's life you can avail their computer repair contract services. Same is for printer repair, Barrister Global services network technicians are well qualified and have lots of technical experience for printer and computer repair. After availing Barrister's services contract you can enjoy working freely with your PC and printer. Barrister Global provides quality services to its customers. One of Barrister’s trained printer technicians performs a phone diagnosis and places a part on order for the unit.  We dispatch a technician to your site to meet the part.  The printer service contract can be provided for all major makes and models of printers.  This provides a One Stop Solution for managing your printer fleet.  When a repair is necessary, a qualified trained printer technician will arrive at the customer’s location to perform the repair with no additional cost. Barrister has over 15,000 technicians ready to respond to any of your printer service needs.  The low monthly cost of a Printer Service Contract provides for the parts and labor costs for needed repairs.


Anonymous said...

Barrister Global Services Network is full of certified technicians and provide the quality services for their clients. Barrister is one of the best nationwide it services provider. One can avail their services without any doubt.

Anonymous said...

wow... well all I can say is that any "REAL" techs wouldn't work for the pittance Barrister tries to pay. Seriously when real companies charge $50-$150/hr and travel fees, yet Barrister tries to pay $25 and less with no travel fees etc... Not to mention you wouldn't believe the number of customers we get thanks to Barristers inability to pay for decent techs (or pay at all -- they still owe us $110... not worth our time suing them. Yes all paperwork was turned in too)--- Thank you barrister for being one of the WORST IT companies in America!! Makes the rest of us look good!!

msticker said...

As a long standing corporation, in business for over 35 years, we take pride in a successful and ethical operation. Thousands of technicians and hundreds of customers enjoy long-standing, successful relationships with Barrister. If a technician has a concern involving payment, he/she should email If a customer or vendor has a concern, he/she should contact management via our company website

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys need to get a PR firm/launch some lawyers at them danged old innernets.

Anonymous said...

This company rips off people on both ends. They scan their customers and the technicians they hire as sub-contractors to fix their customers equipment.

BEWARE! They will pay you at first and then get to a point where they owe you around a $1000 and then start refusing payment on your RFSs.

Customers because the pay rates are so low and they do minimal qualification or background checks on the techs you will likely get inferior service! I am a good tech and I have had to clean up so many messes by un-qualified techs Barrister sent out previously. I fixed a lot of computers for people that had been down for weeks or even months.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Do not believe this blog. Just google Barrister Global Services Fraud and read the hundreds of other testomonials!